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Protect Your Family With A State Of The Art Home Security System

State of the art Wireless Security System from Honeywell. Featuring the new LYRIC Wireless Security System, you can rest assured that you are receiving the finest "Do It Yourself" home security system on the market today. In this troubled economy, we know that the worst part about putting in your own system is the technical part of programming, the cost of install, setting an appointment and taking off work to be available on the install day, ect... Well, we solved that problem for you! We will program your system and personalize it to fit your needs and ship it to you. Plug & Play out of the box. A phone call to us and you will be using your alarm in minutes.                          

Central Monitoring Service

Accurate Security delivers you the most advanced alarm technology offered today. Now you can feel safe with the latest, leading-edge technology to safeguard you and your possessions. Services such as Connect 24 and Alarm.com, you can be connected to your home 24/7 through a simple app via your phone or computer from anywhere in the world.

The advantages of using Accurate Security is the highest priority of dispatch times that are among the fastest and most accurate in the industry. Using IP and GSM Radio communication in place of or backing up land lines, not only protects you from cut phone lines it also speeds up dispatch times to the fastest time possible. Like most companies do and often try to hide, is the use of a Sub Contracted Central Monitoring Stations. Accurate Security does not hide the fact that we contract Centra-larm Monitoring who we feel, after all our research is above the rest! They have all of the attributes necessary to do the professional job you deserve!